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Gender Equality within the SFB 1176

The German Research Foundation (DFG) is actively committed to equal opportunity and the equality of women and men in the German research system. Therefore, the DFG provides the SFB 1176 with separate funds for targeted measures to promote equal opportunities for women and men in science as well as to make jobs in science more family-friendly. As a researcher of the SFB you may apply for funding of gender equality measures. Please contact Leonie Barner or Manfred Wilhelm for further information.

Data and Facts

The overall main objective of gender equality within the SFB 1176 is to enable and ensure the possibility of scientific work and research irrespective of personal circumstances as well as to increase the participation of female scientists at all levels. For these purposes different measures are planned and developed. 

Measures to ensure gender equality

  • Nomination of an Equal Opportunity Officer

  • Possibility of part-time PhD studies (for PhD students with carer responsibility)

  • Home office for persons with carer responsibility

  • Scientific assistant for laboratory work in case of pragnency

  • Financial assistants in some circumstances in the context of carer responsibilities


Measures to increase the participation of female scientists in the SFB 1176

  • Integration of one Junior Research Group headed by a femal researcher into the SFB

  • Participitation in the SFB by Prof. Martina Stenzel via the Mercator Modul

  • Special training programmes for female scientists

  • Special programmes for female high-school students and university students


Funding conditions and implementation

The funds can only be applied to measures benefiting researchers participating in the SFB 1176.

Examples for elgible measures in the framework of gender equality:

  • Fees for mentoring programs, soft skill seminars, management training

  • Fees for coaching

  • Financial assistance in the context of carer responsibilities


Please note: especially following measures cannot be funded with gender-equality grants of the SFB:

-          Basic childcare

-          Participation of researchers in conferences

-          Invitations to visiting researchers

Links to subject-specific information

Training Programs


Networks for women


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Reconciliation of work and family life

Platform for young scientists at KIT:

  • KHYS (for PhD students and postdoctoral researcher)

  • YIN (for Junior Research Group leaders)